Mulch Could Be the Key to a Beautiful Landscape

Mulch Could Be the Key to a Beautiful Landscape

Learn more about the benefits of mulch installation in Lucama, NC

Your lawn is exposed to the weather every day. Be it too little rain or too much sunlight, your landscape is expected to stand up against the elements day in and day out. Give your lawn the help it needs by hiring Shadetree Landscaping, LLC for mulch installation.

Mulch has many benefits, including:

  • Water retention
  • Weed prevention
  • Helping with nutrition absorption

There are many organic and non-organic options available when it comes to mulch.
Find out what mulch is right for your lawn. Call the team at Shadetree Landscaping, LLC. We serve residents in Lucama and Wilson, NC.

Did you know pine straw can save your dying garden?

Pine straw is one of many organic options of mulch. Placing this material over the soil in your garden will create a barrier from the sun and allow the soil to retain its moisture. This helps moisture reach the root of your plants, allowing your garden to thrive in virtually any climate.

Schedule your mulch installation today and we'll be sure to get your garden growing quickly.