We'll Leave no Leaf Behind

We'll Leave no Leaf Behind

Learn more about our seasonal yard cleanup services in Lucama & Wilson, NC

As the seasons change, you should schedule lawn care and cleanup services to keep your yard well-maintained throughout the year.

When you neglect seasonal yard cleanup in Lucama & Wilson, NC, your landscape can become covered in leaves and broken branches. Luckily, Shadetree Landscaping, LLC provides outstanding yard cleanup services to get your disorderly landscape back in shape.

Hire Shadetree Landscaping for lawn care services in Lucama & Wilson, NC today.

We offer spring and fall cleanup services

When you hire Shadetree Landscaping for yard cleanup service, you'll be one step closer to enjoying a clean, well-kept yard again. We provide seasonal yard cleanup work for the spring and fall. We will:

  • Rake and remove leaves
  • Clear away tree limbs and branches
  • Pick up sticks, rocks and other items
  • Take care of winter buildup
  • Remove debris and dead plants

Get ready for summer with a clean and clear landscape. Call now to schedule seasonal lawn maintenance in Lucama, NC. We also provide seasonal cleanup services in Wilson, Middlesex & Zebulon, NC.